Introduction to the organization department of the 5th middle school of jinsha y.

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Sands understanding is the school youth corps committee organization department, under the leadership of a culture, have discipline, organization, a strong sense of responsibility of cadres, with the development of my school, is one of the important window to show our group at the grassroots level construction with the platform and made me the school's glorious history. With the combination of wisdom and sweat of the previous organizations, the management system and the unique organizational culture are formed. My school committee organization department under the guidance of the correct leadership of party committee of the school and the school actively play the role of the party's assistant and reserve force, contributing to the steady development of the communist youth league in our school there is power. Organization department has always believed in effect, the concept of dedicated, pragmatic, positive response to the call of the school, I do members of students ideological work and cadres, cadres of the inspection work, every class league branch, the organization department of the school work to supervise and guide. Organize the large-scale public welfare activities, thoughts education work,

Such as:

Tombs, red series of may and may fourth recommendation, top ten list, group classes, the party knowledge training, knowledge contests, speech reading, smoked swearing-in ceremony, etc., in the group in the construction of grass-roots mainstay role.

The organization department of jinsha wuzhong youth league committee.

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